Posted by: zhiv | January 26, 2008

Reading, Blogging, and Finishing Things

This wasn’t a great week for reading or my new interest, blogging.  I spent a lot of time in my familiar internet stomping grounds, commenting extensively on the NBA team that I’m more or less obsessed with, on somebody else’s blog.  My idea at the moment is that I want to keep the two worlds separate and the other blog is a nice little community that serves my needs very well.  And I also want to write an “Admiring Anonymity” post and go through some of the issues that come along with that.  But I should also mention that watching sports, and following two basketball teams, one in the NBA and one college, is getting in the way of reading as well.  I always do quick hits with reading, diving into things, often many different books at the same time, but over the past six months or so I started reading a lot of fiction again and getting through a lot of books, and blogging about them seemed to make a lot of sense.  As I’ve said before, the interest and goal has been to be better organized and more motivated about the whole enterprise.

But now that the blog is “established,” or whatever it is at this point, I started noticing this week that I wasn’t plowing ahead on the reading quite the way I would like too.  And I want the blog to be about books and literature and reading, and not a diary, not about wine or work or movies or skiing and definitely not about starting lineups and player personnel issues and making the playoffs–which are the things that I’ve been writing about at length all week.

So that’s just an FYI, and an attempt to break the ice and move forward here in this new world.  And I will add that I have a lot of trouble maintaining focus over time and finishing things.  That’s an interesting larger topic and a personality issue that I wouldn’t mind exploring at greater length another time, especially as it relates to reading and writing, and the idea of this blog is that it is supposed to help that cause.  But it’s not, not just yet. 



  1. Maybe the great thing about blogging is that it’s about finishing things but never really finishing, keeping things open…less about deadlines, more of a conversation. At least that how it seems to me given my job. So great that you are doing this!

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