Posted by: zhiv | August 11, 2008

Trying to come back

Fairly long break from posting.  I took my first whack at a comeback post two weeks ago, but I keep getting gunshy (a word that, in print, looks a whole lot like gushy).  I wish I could say that I am returning from a fabulous adventure in the Himilayas or the Amazon, sailiing the islands of Greece, sitting on the beach in Hawaii or striding across the Alps, but it just isn’t true.  Instead I had got obsessed with the dramas of my favorite NBA team, the hapless Clippers (you can go to if anybody wants to see some serious zhiving, especially back in early July), had a cracked, decaying wisdom tooth pulled and felt sorry for myself for a week, went on a brief mountain trip and walked from Yosemite to Mammoth and got sick, and then spent the last 10 days or so with sores in my throat, feeling sorry for myself all over again.  All pretty pathetic and meaningless.  I wasn’t reading very much, but with time passing I’ve gotten through a couple of books, and now that it’s mid-August work seems to be slowing to a standstill and even I have my limits when it comes to goofing off–which is not to say that writing in this blog isn’t a form of goofing off, but it seems a little bit more focused and serious.  And as I passed the midyear in my first blogging term just as my hiatus began, I see that I have three topics currently in motion for the year:  Sarah Orne Jewett, Richard Yates, and Mary McCarthy.  Have some modest stories and updates on all of them, as I try to get things going again.  So here goes.


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