Posted by: zhiv | May 20, 2011

Mid-May Update: Sparse at best

Have been out of commission for a little while, no writing and no reading. Thought I would just mention it, maybe as an attempt to get things going. Work, travel, illness, anxiety: obviously I feel sorry enough for myself, so nobody else needs to worry about me. All is well, illness is in the rear view mirror, and busy is good busy.

Not even going to go deep into where things were left off, except to say that I have two May Sinclair posts sitting in my notebook. So when I type them up and post them, now that this blog appears to be showing flickering signs of semi-consciousness again, know that they are from back in April when I had a pretty good May Sinclair run. And I’d be happy to see more people go deeper and do more Sinclair than I have been able to muster. I went off the track just as I was starting to read The Divine Fire, her first (American) bestseller. Maybe I’ll get back into it, and I have a lengthy “About May Sinclair” post to type up that I’d actually like to read myself, which could get things going.

I noted a moment ago that Amateur Reader has John Williams’ Butcher’s Crossing up on his reading list, which reminded me that I have wanted to read Augustus for a long time, and wanted to read I, Claudius more recently, and that they might make a very nice pair. Just saying.

And lastly (not mentioning that I was most recently reading some Edward Thomas poetry and prose), funny thing is that a post on Winifred Holtby and South Riding took the zhivblog to its highest number of hits in a day: not surprising really. And I have had a copy of South Riding to read for the last couple of weeks, but haven’t really looked at that either. Instead, on yesterday’s sick day (after being sick for a week), I watched the 3-part film and enjoyed it quite a bit. Have a book on the relationship of Vera Brittain and Winifred Holtby too, that I did spend a little time on.

And oh yeah, if it was page views I was looking for, I would probably write the post on Game of Thrones that I have been meaning to get to. All of these are handy reminders for myself, but I hope that everybody is enjoying their reading and litblogs and ready for a bright summer.


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